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Dear Stake Pool Operators, Feel free to use with your delegators, as the tool gives definitive answers to the classical questions like:

When will I receive my first rewards? OR When is the next epoch ?

The tool can also help your delegators check their reward accrual and presents it in a slightly different way than the current explorers. It also has the epoch reward schedule with dates and epoch countdown timer, among other things.

Recent pool searches stack up, and as your delegators use WhenADA frequently your Pool can get classified and be featured on WhenADA Homepage! The rankings reset every month. Happy Staking everyone! :)


OFFICIAL SUNDAESWAP SCOOPER! We are a team of multiple IT professionals & developers and our AZUR pool consistently is a top 1%-7% performer on Daedalus|adapools|poolrank|pooltool. Globally distributed enterprise infrastructure on Microsoft Azure.

WhenADA Popularity #1
Pool Id pool1m4enp55hp80tf6xl7k6f6593w
Ticker AZUR2
Location Washington, USA
The Server Microsoft Azure based array of AT MINIMUM 6 VMs distributed globally with 24/7/365 availability.

Nu.Fi & AdaLite B

WhenADA Popularity #2
Pool Id pool104avq7309gjm0fxms69yqusxy
Ticker NUFIB
Location Zug, Switzerland
Pool Operator Nu.Fi - Wealth management platform for digital assets. Store, stake and manage crypto across multiple blockchains in one interface.
#2 Nordic Pool

Please delegate to Nordic Pool 4. NORTH is your trusted stake pool operator, established at main-net launch. Official SundaeSwap Scooper. Stay updated, request support, and hang out with our great community at the NORTH Telegram group

WhenADA Popularity #3
Pool Id pool17rjst78s67lvellg8s586rf07
Ticker NORTH
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Pool Operator NORTH is a well-established stake pool built for the community, by the community. The SPOs are two childhood friends with an enormous passion for the blockchain. Over 10 000 people have put their trust in NORTH for a good reason. Delegating with NORTH, you can rest assured your delegation is in one of the network's best stake pools. For questions, join our telegram channel
The Server Powerful hardware is prioritized higher than low costs. Servers are run locally and in the cloud, combining the best of both worlds. All sensitive keys are stored and handled on dedicated offline computers, ensuring complete safety of the pools.
Straight Pool

Core values: reliability, honesty and transparency. Operated by IT professional and Cardano Ambassador Chris.

WhenADA Popularity #4
Pool Id pool1qqqqdktl6pq46td0mwut0qn30
Ticker STR8
Location Germany
Pool Operator My name is Chris. I am a German IT professional with computer science background, with many years in the IT business. I am a Cardano enthusiast and Cardano Ambassador.
The Server The pool is run off three reliable, redundant virtual private servers, one block producer and two relays distributed across different data centers in Europe / Germany and Asia / Singapore. With this redundant setup, STR8 pool never misses a block even during maintenance windows. All nodes run on a modern secure Server OS with ample hardware resources and strong peering with easy scaling options to meet rising demands.
AutoStake I

Earn higher Yields with

WhenADA Popularity #5
Pool Id pool1zz7x8ergn02chznayj9fjds2g
Ticker AUTO
Location London, England
The Server Earn higher Yields with
Fair Pool #01

Highly available pool with a fair margin of 0.5%

WhenADA Popularity #6
Pool Id pool1ddg6t2h9kj6lqlec4ncjs945l
Ticker FAIR
Pool Operator Welcome to FAIR Pool #01 Cardano Staking Pool. Staking since the first shelley epoch. This is a cardano staking pool based in europe with focus on strengthening and decentralizing the cardano network. We offer highly available, secure staking based on automated and scalable nodes driven by a modern server environment. We deeply believe in decentralization and giving back the power to each individual. The margin is set to 0.5% and we offer the lowest possible fixed fee of 340 ADA and this will never change for the lifetime of this pool. #4

We are guards of cardano - we are Cardanians.

WhenADA Popularity #7
Pool Id pool1kmsr376syqkluhxvv8k2axugq
Ticker CRDN3


WhenADA Popularity #8
Pool Id pool12jnulzs7j8lsku4r2a7q6tee6
Ticker 1JPN

Secure ADA staking for a happy you and a cleaner, greener planet

WhenADA Popularity #9
Pool Id pool1a8n7f97dmgtgrnl53exccknjd
Ticker HAPPY
Location Europe
Pool Operator My name is Leon and I've started HAPPY Staking 🥳 in order to be able to make a bigger impact on important matters such as reforestation and fighting plastic pollution. The pool runs on 100% renewable energy and we donate a large portion of the pool income to organisations that support our mission.
The Server Dual Intel Xeon 16c/32t CPU's, base clock 2.1GHz. 512 GB ECC registered DIMM. 8x 480 GB SSD's in a 4 way ZFS mirrored stripe. Redundant gigabit connectivity.
ADA Ocean Two

Cloud based reliable stake pool cluster

WhenADA Popularity #10
Pool Id pool1ctzja2cdwyeqnvehmrlclc5wr
Ticker OCEA2
Pool Operator High Availability Stake Pool Cluster with multiple built in redundancies for best possible performance. Servers fully monitored for 24/7 availability. Each Block Producing Node deployed in a separate data-center, connected to multiple relays using low latency connections for best possible block propagation. Follow @ada_ocean on Twitter
The independent

We take care of your voice in the network, securing and decentralising Cardano with first class infrastructure is our forte.

WhenADA Popularity #11
Pool Id pool1gqgyta9sku3crjzfl9kj7kxsg
Ticker FORTE
Pool Operator Hi my name is Baz, I am the Owner & Operator of FORTE Pool, a husband and family father of 2 kids. For the last 15 years my profession was working as a mechanical engineer. During that time I've been lucky to work for 2 leading companies in their industry. I've always been very curious about the future, maybe this is what drove me working mainly on advanced development & Research Projects. My last employment was at a company in the automotive industry where we developed steer by wire steering systems mainly required for autonomous vehicles.
The Server Our infrastructure will grow with the pool, starting with a Cloud infrastructure we will later switch to a hybrid infrastructure (Cloud, Bare Metal & own Server in Data-center).
Garden Pool Five

High-pledged pool for maximum returns!

WhenADA Popularity #12
Pool Id pool142xwjhpcvtp7tahpmn8tlnek7
Ticker EDEN
Location England, United Kingdom
Pool Operator I am a software developer working in the United Kingdom. My experience as a Stake Pool Operator began in March 2020 when I joined the ITN. Since then, I have learned a massive amount from the pioneers and I am doing my contribution with YouTube videos on Stake Pool Operations. I have partnered with an investor from the USA to create high-pledged pools bringing you great rewards and securing the network.
The Server 1 block producer (main), 1 backup BP + 4 relays distributed around the world.
(Crypto Capital Venture) #Pool4

Official stakepool #4 of Crypto Capital Venture. Welcome to this crypto venture. Let's grow together.

WhenADA Popularity #13
Pool Id pool1jq7r3evstu2c040vlry8tgvpw
Ticker CCV3
Ray Network

Additional XRAY token rewards for delegators. Visit or for details. Ray Network is an advanced Ecosystem for Cardano, all about ADA finances (DeFi) in one place.

WhenADA Popularity #14
Pool Id pool1ntfxj2jgvhzen8e86ed679ctu
Ticker RAY2

For a TITAN strong Cardano network. 💪 Join us! Telegram:

WhenADA Popularity #15
Pool Id pool1qqqqpanw9zc0rzh0yp247nzf2
Ticker TITAN
Location worldwide
Pool Operator For a TITAN strong Cardano network. 💪 Join us! Telegram: - Twitter:
The Server Dedicated server instances for optimal performance.