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Dear Stake Pool Operators, Feel free to use with your delegators, as the tool gives definitive answers to the classical questions like:

When will I receive my first rewards? OR When is the next epoch ?

The tool can also help your delegators check their reward accrual and presents it in a slightly different way than the current explorers. It also has the epoch reward schedule with dates and epoch countdown timer, among other things.

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Please delegate to AZUR2 pool if > 80% saturation. Globally distributed enterprise infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. Consistent top 1%-7% performer on Daedalus|adapools|poolrank|pooltool. Run by a team of multiple Azure professionals and developers.

WhenADA Popularity #1
Pool Id pool108zdflss3ayqlm5c7vr6mtqj2
Ticker AZUR
Location Washington, USA
The Server Microsoft Azure based array of at least 6 VMs distributed globally with 24/7/365 availability. There simply is no platform with better security and features.
Zetetic Stake Pool

Pool saturated, please delegate to Zetetic Pools 2, 3 or 4, all with ticker [ZETIC]

WhenADA Popularity #2
Pool Id pool15zrkyr0f80hxlt4scv72tej8l
Ticker ZETIC
Pool Operator IT Systems Manager with 25 years experience, involved with cryptocurrencies since 2017, long term investor and advocate of Cardano since 2018
The Server Hybrid solution of both bare-metal and cloud based server nodes to provide best of breed fully redundant infrastructure

Professionally Operated Pool Supporting Cardano Decentralization and Success | Please Delegate to Pool B

WhenADA Popularity #3
Pool Id pool16agnvfan65ypnswgg6rml52lq
Ticker SPIRE
Location United States
Pool Operator Spire Staking's team of IT veterans have decades of experience in enterprise IT operations, infrastructure, managed services and security. Our team has architected, operated and supported infrastructure for organizations ranging up to Fortune 500.
The Server Our Cardano infrastructure has been designed for maximum availability. Geographical redundancy has been established to ensure that critical systems and infrastructure remain online 24x7x365. Servers are proactively monitored and backed up daily.

The Pool for luck, wealth and financial independence

WhenADA Popularity #4
Pool Id pool1030as3pp5684ghgf4kzcpv4p2
Ticker 888
Location Bolzano | South Tyrol | Italy
Pool Operator Behind the label 888Pool we stand, two brothers from South Tyrol in Northern Italy. Young, versatile interested, burning for technology and all its facets. We already have several years of experience in server administration. In addition, we have been intensively educating ourselves in crypto (market and technology) since 2015. We finally invested in Cardano at the end of 2017. In fall 2020 we have decided to use our technically distinctive know-how to open our own Pool. We believe in the future potential of Cryptocurrencies and are convinced that the crypto market and Cardano in particular will flourish. We can identify with this and are part of the innovation with our Pool. For further questions just contact us, we also speak German and Italian.
The Server Our goal is to offer you a good stable hardware with the lowest possible Pool conditions. Currently our equipment consists of 1 Block Producer and 4 Relay Nodes. Our server structure runs both locally and in the cloud, combining the best of two worlds (two dedicated servers are hosted in Germany and three servers are run locally at our headquarters in Italy). All Nodes have an excellent internet connection with at least 100MB up/down, 16GB RAM and NVMe SSDs. We guarantee that our Nodes have an uptime of 99.9%, so that we do not miss any Block.
⚡TERA #2⚡

Hello This is TERA Staking Pool #2

WhenADA Popularity #5
Pool Id pool12rs385dd534g8gtdtmnvlhq63
Ticker TERA2
Bravo pool

Bravo pool, located in the Netherlands. Making Cardano the best cryptocurrency of the world

WhenADA Popularity #6
Pool Id pool12z39rkzfylvn9wfe8j6x9ucq6
Ticker BRAVO
Location Zwolle, The Netherlands
Pool Operator Cardano Enthusiasts making Cardano the best cryptocurrency of the world
The Server Several VPS servers on one of the best internet backbones of Europe.

Easy ADA staking. Sit back, relax, and delegate.

WhenADA Popularity #7
Pool Id pool17ahr5ygy48vpdfnatqn2z4wfu
Ticker ST3AK
Location Switzerland
Pool Operator STEAK AND ADA - GUARDIANS OF CARDANO. YOU STAKE IT, WE PRODUCE IT! THANK YOU FOR YOUR DELEGATION We look forward to minting many new ADA lovelaces for you.
The Server Powerful Secure Bare-Metal Non-Cloud Dual Xeon Servers with Gbit backbones

During the ISPO (32 epochs from July 1st), 100% of the stake rewards will go to MELD development. At the end of the ISPO, delegators will be rewarded MELD tokens in an airdrop for their participation. For each staked ADA you get 0.065 MELD per epoch.

WhenADA Popularity #8
Pool Id pool120563wl92yssz66evk4u9lxm7
Ticker MELD7
Location Singapore
Pool Operator MELD is an open-source, non-custodial DeFi liquidity protocol for lending, borrowing and earning on crypto and fiat.
The Server Running Cardano nodes on proven Cloud services.
Rocky Mountain Pool

Cardano staking in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies

WhenADA Popularity #9
Pool Id pool173mzegwuu0pjcrt60ekelzj5h
Ticker ROCKY
Location Calgary, Canada

We always have a 0% pool on offer. Check other SECUR pools if needed on our website or find us on Telegram. A team of cybersecurity specialists operate high security community pools in the cloud.

WhenADA Popularity #10
Pool Id pool1lhz4gsk5ezdl5s4mv2kxgrkhz
Ticker SECUR
Location Amsterdam Area, Netherlands
Pool Operator We are a team of independent contractors in IT security with over 30 years of experience, crypto enthousiasts since 2014, both fathers of three
The Server Infrastructure as Code, scalable, reliable and secure. Hosted on AWS primarily in Germany
Into the Cryptoverse

The official Staking Pool of Into the Cryptoverse. I create video analysis publicly available via my Youtube channel and exclusive Premium content for a list of enthusiasts and market participants

WhenADA Popularity #11
Pool Id pool138m7hevnvp664cmtralju857t
Ticker ITC
OccamFi Pool

OccamFi cardano stakepool

WhenADA Popularity #12
Pool Id pool1xn63858ej0gcs4tkjm2e3a2fg
Ticker pOCC
Location Zug, Switzerland
Pool Operator OccamFi's first ADA Staking pool.
The Server
KIWI by Kiwipool Staking

KIWI. Baremetal with Cloud Backup. Low Fees. Est 2019. Together, WE are Kiwipool Staking

WhenADA Popularity #13
Pool Id pool1vquhv3kh6xkklckaenl8alyuh
Ticker KIWI
Location New Zealand
Pool Operator The Kiwpool Staking team is led my me, Matticus, an Entrepreneur with 20+ years IT Experience. Kiwipool Staking has operated since week one of #Cardano #ITN.
The Server Proudly run on Baremetal backed by Cloud. Fibre WAN with Enterprize-grade Network Equipment backed up by multi-UPS. 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
Swell Pool

We are dedicated to offering reliable staking services at a low margin.

WhenADA Popularity #14
Pool Id pool10let2ne3rdnhf6pvhauqcsf7f
Ticker SWELL
Location United States
Pool Operator I have 13 years of IT Infrastructure support experience as well as investments and technical knowledge of cryptocurrencies since 2016.
The Server Dedicated relay nodes (2) and block-producing node (1) on Hetzner. A bare-metal backup node used when performing routine maintenance and updates on the block-producing node to maximize uptime. Hetzner provides a 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement.
❤️Nordic Pool

Your trusted and established pool operator. Delegate to our third pool, NORTH 3. Welcome to request support or just hang out with our great community at NORTH Telegram channel. Based in Sweden.

WhenADA Popularity #15
Pool Id pool12t3zmafwjqms7cuun86uwc8se
Ticker NORTH
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Pool Operator NORTH is governed by a, since 2016, full-time crypto investor accompanied with an experienced developer. Both being crypto enthusiasts, we are more interested in the decentralized vision of Cardano, than reaping huge profits. To support decentralization without compromising performance we are running our servers in Sweden and Finland (outside of server cluster), countries with internet infrastructure among the worlds best. This gives our servers very low latency, optimizing block propagation to the majority of Cardano network. About the 0 percent fees; due to the unsustainable nature of running 0% pools longterm we will not keep minimum fees forever. Tho we will always run at least one pool at lowest possible fee. Please keep updated thru our telegram group or one of the Cardano Pool explorers to track which one. For questions, join our telegram channel
The Server Powerful hardware is prioritized higher than low costs. Servers are running both locally and in the cloud, combining the best of two worlds. All sensitive keys is stored and handled on a dedicated offline computer, ensuring complete safety of the pool.